December 30, 2021
Ask Deepak

Ego, God and Self.


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Isn’t the idea that we are God (The Source which is and created everything, as well as being the creation of ourselves, the individual selves) pretty much the Ultimate Declaration of Ego? Isn’t the “I am” in fact the highest Ego and Identity of all? If the Ego is our sense of self, and if “We” are all really one “Self” then God is the Ultimate Ego. God and Ego then are One. Or is that the point? It all is really one, the individual identity is the “negative ego”, the individual soul or spirit is the “positive ego”, and the Source (our real identity) is the culmination of both, “The Ego of Peace”. An “Ego” that is beyond both positive and negative because it is all-encompassing, as well as neither at the same time. I’ve asked you so many questions, one, because I the asking I usually find the answer, and two, so that you may use them to inspire the spark of others. I’ve always appreciated your perspective, but I think now I am done with the questions, and I leave you in Peace.


You are letting your understanding of these words confuse you, when the actual experience is very simple. The experience of ego is that one’s identity is limited and separate. The egoless experience of one’s higher self is that of unlimited wholeness of existence in time and space. That pure consciousness knows itself as the same basic existence as everyone and everything else in creation. That is not an ego assertion, it is the very opposite of ego.



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