January 14, 2021
Ask Deepak

Ego, Consciousness and Emptiness.


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Is the “ego” the “I”, “me” a creation of consciousness and if so does this mean that all consciousness is one. Would this mean that consciousness is the same as the emptiness, the “not I “of Zen Buddhism? Wouldn’t this mean that every-thing and every no-thing is pure consciousness all at the same time so that all that there is is consciousness? That everything when it boils down to it is one thing and no-thing all at once. I hope I have explained my question correctly. Many thanks.


Ego is consciousness that is not self-aware. Pure consciousness, as the ground of all existence, can be understood as emptiness as well as plenitude. It is emptiness in that there is no thing there, nothing manifest in form or name. But absolute consciousness contains the potential for everything, and so enlightened sages also say it is the fullness that can create everything and never be exhausted.



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