June 26, 2015

Ego Boundaries.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have a difficult time differentiating ego from boundaries. When I feel someone hasn’t treated me in the manner I am expecting I become upset. But what is the difference in setting boundaries and ego?


Setting boundaries is usually what we do when we feel threatened or defensive. The boundaries are meant to protect us. Since our true self is unaffected by anything physical or mental, it is our separate self, or ego that feels the need for protective boundaries.

And that’s okay for now, few of us are so enlightened that we don’t feel the need for some ego boundaries. The direction we want to move toward is having our awareness and appreciation draw our attention to areas that naturally help us, so we don’t have to spend energy trying to resist or defend ourselves. Think of being at a big party. Instead of feeling you have to block off certain people or music, you   seek out the people you find interesting and you only dance to the music you enjoy.



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  1. Claudia Nuñez

    Thank you, excellent message to keep on the right way The life.

  2. Claudia Nuñez

    Thank you, excellent message to keep on the right way The life.

  3. Arlene King

    It is so easy to be disappointed by dashed expectations, I have found, as people only have one expected outcome. I have advised others to consider the best outcome as well as the worst possible outcome. By doing this, it is easier to accept the actual outcome that will ultimately fall somewhere in the middle. Oz

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