June 29, 2012

Ego Battle.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I recently started becoming more self-aware, and read some information on the ego, that was very negative, and I started to have an internal battle with myself, mainly with my ego, and I am trying to find more ways to loosen the grasp of my own ego, but because I started fighting myself, I feel that I became more gripped in it. How do I return to my natural essence, and forgive myself for turning against myself?


The part of you that was battling with your ego was the aspect of yourself that judges the ego as bad. Ironically that is also the ego. The idealized self that judges oneself as incomplete or bad is not your higher self, it is the conditioned self, the ego. The ego has the ability to fight with itself, but it nothing ever changes from it. One part can gain the upper hand for a while, but the others part will eventually reemerge.
The way to stop this battle is to transcend the ego and know yourself as unconditioned pure consciousness. This is what meditation is for. As you get accustom to remaining in the truth of your higher self, the false self of the ego will dissolve on its own.


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  1. beedlegirl

    The Ego is the "Great Pretender" LOL constant awareness is a constant challenge

  2. bigcanadiano

    So what follows both 1 - a cracked open egg and 2 - a concealed egg. . . is the constant state of repressed inability to control the world around you, in spite of what the ego is becoming of itself.

  3. bigcanadiano

    In terms of self-righteous habits, the ego cannot be limited to one thing toward any thing other in particular, in particular, the irony between unconditional inhibited state in response to uninhibited nature. The external world around you would never be able to grasp the oneness in that. If you cracked open an egg, and it was (a) filled with self-esteem, would you or would you not be happiest with your (b) brown nosing ability. I would say yes it is so. If you failed to crack open the egg, because it was (a) not filled with self-esteem, would you (b) judge yourself in spite of it. No, that would be a habit. Which of the two coincides with an eternal reality. Neither. The moral is what is in the egg should only matter. Cracking open an egg is the basis of what is unknowable.

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