September 25, 2017

Ego and Evolution.


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Do you think that when we are in spiritual evolution we don’t really see our evolution? In the sense that if we would notice how we are advancing the ego would kick in and disturb all that evolution. It would surely say ”Look what I can do !”. This question comes at a moment that I realize that even if sometimes in the past, I was thinking that no evolution was going on, that the more I had answers the more I had questions, now I see from another point of view that there was a great evolution going on.

Another example is that sometimes at my work I will feel stressed and not long after I would get the comment that I look so calm and Zen. That’s how I notice that maybe even if we work hard on our spiritual life, the result is there but the ego does not see it.


I think this is a deep insight; that the ego’s need to calculate and quantify our evolution is really just the ego’s way of trying to maintain its control and supremacy. If it believes you are making great progress, it is implicitly taking credit for that. It the ego judges that you are not evolving, then it is its way of putting you in your place, and at the same time the ego is assuming that it is the final arbitrary of your spirit life–stamping its authority over it.

The truth is life is constantly changing, we are always evolving as a matter of course. By becoming more aware of our essential nature, we can accelerate the process, but the exact determination of where we are spiritually and how fast we are evolving, is really beyond the ken of the ego’s comprehension.



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