August 8, 2012

Early Daily Routine.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, I was wondering about daily routines. I read somewhere that you wake early, exercise, meditate, write, etc. Can you expound on your personal routine? Also, can you talk about the benefits of having a good, disciplined, daily routine in general and how it's beneficial to living a spiritual life? Thank you.


I wake up early and meditate for an hour and then exercise. The main benefit of rising early are that you align your biorhythms with the rhythms of nature. That gives the cycles of your body, mind and spirit the benefit of the unlimited power of the cosmic rhythms in all aspects of your life. By itself, getting up early in the morning isn’t enough to have a significant impact in one’s life, but in concert with a spiritual practice and a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can contribute to your overall well being.


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  1. vidushi

    Daily routine becomes helpful for getting peace in daily life by completing desired tasks ,I think,without which it would be difficult to lead a spiritual life.

  2. Sarah

    For me, personally, I really struggle to keep to a routine beyond childcare and housework! Sometimes life seems like one long domestic chore! In my younger years, I had quite a strict routine, ritual before work (about 1 1/2 hours) (I was an initiate in a Ceremonial Magic group), work at 7.30-8.00 teaching, home by 6.30, tea, more ritual and study then bed! Now I feel like my spiritual practice has gone caput and I feel like I have no spiritual path as such, as it is very hard for me to conform to one path alone. I am fascinated by energy, sound, music and would like to find a path that incorporates such elements. I am fascinated more by the God/Goddess based paths, the archetypes, mythology, ancient practices, philosophy, alchemy and suchlike. My son starts school in September full time, so I will (all being well) have more time to devote to my spiritual interests and also getting back to study/work.

  3. Natasha

    What do you advise for someone that works overnight? Thanks in advance...

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