March 27, 2015

Dream Thinking.


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 Dear Deepak,

I meditate daily and do so without judgment or expectations. What I do find interesting is the different states of mind and thoughts that come through my mind. Once I am aware of my mind drifting I consciously return to my breathing. However, from time to time I enter what I’d call a dreamlike state, but not sleep. The thoughts are not mundane (like my schedule for the day), but like a dream with somewhat incoherent random thoughts, more like fantasy. The same as dreams you remember when after sleep. I wonder if I should be attentive to them in any way? They don’t have apparent meaning, but I don’t dwell on them either. Do you have any suggestions for what state of mind I’m in and whether I should better understand their meaning?

Thank you for your wonderful spirit and integrity.


There is no value to attending to these dreamlike thoughts in meditation. They are only a variation on the other type of thoughts that come up between your attention to your breathing. The fact that they are dreamlike or fantasy-like  only indicates that you are at a more refined state of awareness in your meditation. While you are meditating, you will get the most benefit from your practice if you return your attention to your breath.




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  1. Janu Motta

    Excelente explicación

  2. Janu Motta

    Excelente explicación

  3. Janu Motta

    Excelente explicación

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