August 10, 2023
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Does spiritual awakening cause out-of-body experiences?.


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Hi Deepak Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom and insights. I am starting to “wake up” and am continually aware of the ‘silent witness’ in my waking state. Last week, I had a profound out of body experience when I was asleep and could see the moon and stars, and then my body sleeping. You say in cosmic consciousness that there is awareness of the mind-body as silent witness in EACH of the 3 states: waking, dreaming, sleeping. I’m confused about this. Does this mean in this state during dreaming and sleeping you have out of body experiences? Many thanks for your help.


Your “waking up” experience during the day, and your out-of-body experience while sleeping are very positive indicators of your spiritual growth. But the awakening of the silent witness during sleep and dreaming is not necessarily a typical out-of-body experience. The oddness of out-of-body experiences that most people report is due to the unfamiliarity of being an awake presence that is not rooted to the physical body. As the experience becomes more familiar, the connection or lack of connection with the body will not be the significant aspect of the experience. As your awakening continues, just be simple, and easy with the experience as it unfolds.



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