February 13, 2020
Ask Deepak

Do we need Evil?.


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How do we know what a good apple tastes like if we haven’t had a bad apple to compare it to.  Do we need bad experiences to give birth to new desires?  I recognize we are going back to our source but do we have to suffer to be reborn again?  If we are constantly expanding consciousness do we ever contract?  If we fulfill all our desires do we just want to suffer again.  Seems pointless.


I see evil not as an intrinsic property of the universe, but rather as a by-product of ignorance – lack of self-knowledge.  Evil actions are born of  a deep misunderstanding of what one is and what one is not.  You can look at ignorance and knowledge as opposites, but I don’t think of knowledge as  needing ignorance as a required contrasting experience. We may find ourselves in a state of ignorance and the suffering that comes with it, but that doesn’t mean suffering is necessary.  Buddha states the existence of suffering as a given, but then gives the means for overcoming suffering through awakening. 

Coming into  full self-realization, or enlightenment,  puts a permanent end to ignorance and suffering.  Having attained that knowledge, there is no losing it or going back into ignorance.



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