September 9, 2020
Ask Deepak

Divergent Paths.


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What if, while on your path, you come to realize that friends you have been very close with are no longer the kind of people you need in your life? That you are on different paths or see things so differently that they don’t contribute positively to your life? Do you sit down and tell those people the truth, or do you just let them fade from your life? Either way there is pain.


I assume you came to this realization because you have developed interests outside of the interests that have associated you with these friends in the past. And presumably these new interests conflict with the activities you used to share with your friends.

The straightforward thing to do is tell your friends what it is that you are now interested in. Maybe some of them will be curious and open to exploring it too. Maybe not, but like you, people are always changing and looking for new ways to grow too. Perhaps some of your friends have found new avenues of life they want to share with you as well. Even if none of them want to move ahead with you on your new path, you will at least have shown them the love and respect that your friendship deserves by sharing your thoughts and feelings about this with them.



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