April 1, 2020
Ask Deepak

Distrust and Anxiety.


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I work in a multinational company. My issue is that though I am well placed, having almost all that a normal person could aspire for, I am not happy, I always have a sense of a feeling that all this is very transient and as a result I’m  in perpetual anxiety not knowing about what.
I also tend to disbelief people (I don’t take  anyone at  their face value) and  I’m always trying to  find meaning in between the  lines. I’ve tried to consciously stop many times, but have not been successful. Help!


From your description it sounds like you are  distrustful of others and suspicious of their motives.  There is nothing in your letter that reveals what in your past is behind this. I would recommend that you see a therapist to help you discover the underlying  issue behind this so you can work on helping the emotional hurt behind your distrust. An important part of the healing  will also be realizing your true nature through meditation as well. Knowing your unchanging essence that lies outside your thoughts, anxieties and doubts will give you the basis for moving forward after your healing so that you can live free from anxiety. This will allow you to base your trust on your inner core of being.



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