November 2, 2016

Difficult Work Environment.


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I work in a news environment, and meditate whenever I’m not exhausted (my hours are 4am-12pm), and I can deal with the sad and violent news we report on when I meditate, however the negativity in the newsroom is something I’m not able to deal with anymore.  I recently got full-time, and I’m staying for the benefits that I so desperately need right now, which is why I don’t quit, but my question is, what can I do with all the negative energy that is both directed at me at times and to everyone else? Which book of yours would you recommend or yoga/meditation cd or exercise to help me keep my sanity and not feel emotionally drained at the end of the day?


It’s going to take some discipline to reeducate your mental habits so that you do not continue to lose energy in your work environment. To begin with you need to stop taking their negative energy personally, even when it is directed at you. Their actions are motivated by the hope, no matter how misguided, that it will make them feel better, or work to their advantage. So even when it is apparently personal, it really isn’t. It’s about them, and they are all acting in their self-interest. If you can remind yourself of this, then you won’t buy into their stories and you will learn to maintain your integrity and do your work well without getting exhausted.   You may find the book The Path to Love helpful in encouraging this understanding. A proper meditation practice will be invaluable in instilling the self-awareness that makes this teaching real instead of just an ideal. Many have also found the CD The Soul of Healing useful for the kind of transformation you are seeking.



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