December 30, 2020
Ask Deepak

Diet and Sensitivity.


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Hi, Deepak. I have made a lot of changes to my diet, and have decided to live a more natural, chemical-free life. I have noticed that since I have made these changes I have become increasingly sensitive. I have always been a sensitive person, but living in such an aware state amongst insensitive, desensitized, chemicalized “numb” souls has taken its toll and I actually feel sicker than ever, ironically. I do not feel well physically/mentally/emotionally. Do you have any advice as to how I can live the way I want, naturally and aware, and survive this world and shield myself from the energies around me, without cutting myself off from love and a feeling of togetherness and belonging?


Rather than trying to shield yourself from a harsh environment, I would recommend that you increase your strength and vitality. If your body, mind and heart are radiating energy, power and light, then it will automatically protect you and dispel the negativity your encounter. Try eating foods that increase your vibrancy, and also exercise to develop more physical strength and elevate your metabolism. Finally, find a more empowering model of how you see yourself in a social context. Instead of thinking of yourself as a sensitive soul beset by the toxicity of numb souls, maybe you could see yourself as a strong sensitive soul moving gracefully in the world finding the good qualities in those around you that a less sensitive soul would miss—like a butterfly in a meadow.



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