September 12, 2014

Detachment and Action.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


As I read more and more about spirituality and the Universe, I find that I am less attached to outcomes. I don't know how to balance my detachment with needing to take action. I'm finding myself becoming more and more detached.


Not being attached to the outcome of your actions means that you are established in self-awareness and not identified with the objects of perception. This means that your old patterns of motivation for action have changed. Now action can be initiated from a state of freedom and motivated by a simple response to what is needed in the moment, instead of ego expectations. There is a natural flow and rhythm to life, and if you align your action to that force of evolution, life remains active, purposeful and productive even while awareness remains free and content.



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  1. Lisa O'Neil Guerci

    Wonderful wisdom!

  2. Mari Ann Ree

    I can't accept success in a game that is going against core ethical values. I find that what is going on is a kind of manipulation that is downright unethical. I'm sure I was sent to include - instead I'm being excluded by every possible means. And I have learned from history that inclusion is not always the best solution. What has happened to me, can happen to my people. Yet, I do recognize positively some of what you say. Sounds strange doesn't it... Another way. I keep on waiting for good things to happen a natural way. But there seems to be an endless stream of dark forces to battle. I'm sure the pres of the US understand what I am talking about. :)

  3. Nausheen Siddiqui

    Very interesting comments. I love the initial statement, yet I am not certain that I agree with the response. My question is, why are you feeling more detached to outcomes? Is it because you are confident that the Universe conspires in your favor, thus reinforcing happiness? Or is it due to apathy, thinking that the Universe does NOT conspire in your favor? Being detached can be the result of happy thoughts, or unhappy thoughts. Action being taken initiated from a point of freedom can only take place corresponding to a release of negativity. I agree that there is a natural flow and rhythm to life. However, one is only aligned to it if they are experiencing happiness - not otherwise.

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