October 6, 2022
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Namaste Deepak, I do meditate often now since last one year. I have come to like my own aloneness a lot. I have family with husband and kids. I want to know if “Vairagya” or aloofness is a part of journey in search of myself? I would want to finish my responsibilities towards my family before maybe take complete isolation of myself. Is this a necessary part? Or can I still find my “moksha” within this chaos?


You can still find your enlightenment or moksha within the context of your family life and responsibilities. Vairagya is the phase of awakening where the attachments and identification with the objects of the senses and the pull of worldly life starts to fade. But what is often overlooked in this process is why that is happening. It’s not because the outside world is “bad” and needs to be renounced. The reason the outer world has less attraction is because the inner joys and richness of the interior life has more charm now. That polar shift in identity can still happen when you are engaged in family life. It just means that you are loving and enjoying life with your children, spouse and friends consciously from your center of awareness. This freedom from the mistaken attachment to the outer sensory world actually allows a much deeper love and appreciation of others and the world.



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