August 30, 2022
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Dear Deepak. From a very young age I have felt as though I am inherently destined for greatness. I have always been different to my peers and have always stood out from those around me as an innovative thinker and a leader. Many of my peers acknowledge this and are more sure of my future successes than I am. However, as I grow up I seem to be losing touch with this feeling, I wonder whether the pursuit of self-fulfilling success is ego driven and thus a negative pursuit. I also wonder whether this inner voice was just due to all the praise I have received from those around me or whether it was a divine sign to live up to my potential. My goals all seem so big now as I’m a bit older and they feel out of reach whereas before I felt as though I could accomplish all of them because it was simply my purpose to do so. I would really appreciate your feedback & guidance on this. Thank you.


It’s okay to have a strong sense of destiny in your youth, even grand dreams of success. It is also completely okay for those dreams to fade and shift later on, as life experience brings definition and focus to what needs to be focused on in the present.

It doesn’t mean you were an ego-maniac or delusional earlier. It’s good that your sense of success and power matures as you grow up. You are likely to discover that the greatness and success you grow into will be different from what you imagined in your youth, but will be more meaningful and powerful for because of what you have awakened inside your awareness.

As self-knowledge deepens you will discover that being an innovative thinker and leader is about your inner spiritual transformation first and foremost. That inner change is really the only change that matters since that is the source of any lasting positive change in our environment. And that is why anyone can be a powerful tool of positive transformation in the world, whether anyone else notices or not.



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