March 25, 2013



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Dear Dr. Chopra, Thank you for the work you do. I am Yoga and Meditation instructor and Yoga Therapist in Michigan. Will you speak to me about desire? This word is used differently in current and ancient texts – either as the seed of intention and creativity of higher mind origin or the root of the cravings of the lower mind (ego mind). I have read many of your books and one of my favorites is Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. Can you bring me to clarity please?


Desire is the creative impulse of life. Depending upon how firmly self-awareness has been established, one will either become identified or overshadowed by the desire or you will be able to maintain self-awareness and therefore remain free so that the desire becomes an expression of your spiritual evolution. The former situation is the desire you describe in terms of the ego mind, where one is attached to the outcome of the intention. When the mind is naturally unattached to desire, then it is an intention which acts as an instrument of unconditioned creativity.


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  1. Essem

    The shadow of the kind of desire you speak about here is `lust`. A very real part of all of us, yet we struggle to deal with it. Bukowski and Osho embrace this part of desire in them, but most of us agonise endlessly whether we give in or hold back. Would like to hear Dr. Chopra`s point of view on this.

  2. sabyasachi

    when there is desire not for ur selfish purpose,but to do good for is bound to be fullfilled

  3. YourSoul

    It all depends in what stage you are. As a baby your unconscious desire is to stand, walk, run, etc. As an adolescent you are (still rather unconsciously) attracted to and also repelled by anything desirable. As a grown-up you have learnt to restrict your desires. At old age you just are happy as you are........ and acknowledge you came where you stand anyway :)

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