December 5, 2013

Demons and Evil Spirits.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Demons, evil spirits, and dark entities are most commonly attributed to the Christian religion and practices, such as exorcism. How do we explain this in our Consciousness-based Philosophy?


All traditional cultures depict entities associated with both the dark and the light aspects of consciousness. The light, awakened, wise, expansive and creative aspects represent the self-realized part of universal consciousness. The dark, unconscious, ignorant, destructive, and contracting aspects represent the unawakened part of universal consciousness.


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  1. Raul

    I think we should separate the waters, so to speak. One thing is to have correspondence with awareness and good or evil entities, both in bright and dark side, and the other is to believe that there are no spiritual beings beyond our head. Only if we consider the Hindu origin of Deepak, we see that his tradition believes in good and evil spiritual beings. Sorry for any orthodox Hindu, Deepak has long ago a Dalit. Since its teachings are anything but orthodox, but a mass of occult and cheap new era, which makes any true Hindu can only feel contempt.

  2. KellyAnnAlvarez

    I believe consciousness, as an undefined scientific concept, is what gives our lives meaning: we are not merely organic organisms prostrate to our genetics and external stimuli. We are more than this. We are an extension of God`s light and love and divinity. Yet, this truth creates an internal struggle for me: all my life, I`ve been gifted with the ability to fight "darkness," child abuse, neglect, poverty, etc., inflicted upon my siblings and me and so many innocents that I have encountered throughout my life. I cannot do this as an extension of Divine love which only includes light, love, kindness, generosity, empathy, and so forth. I`ve had to, as a matter of survival, fight with whatever resources I could muster. You nor I can show mercy to a bully or he or she will continue to bully. Neither you nor I can be indifferent towards a child molester or he or she will continue to exploit innocence. Neither you nor I can stay silent when corrupt politicians seek to fool the masses. I am not saying these individuals are not worthy of love. I am saying that harshness, directness, resolve, and the threat of criminal repercussions have been weapons in my arsenal that I have used with the utmost confidence to protect everyone and anyone I could so far in my life’s journey. I suppose my question is: Is this wrong? I know you don’t believe in a “you or I.” I understand your beliefs about the space and time continuum, the human condition (an illusion as we’re all just spiritual beings connected on every level, and we are all one). Yet, I’m just a girl (46 year-old girl) trying to make sense of her world and trying to do what is “right.” I’m open to all possibilities; yet, I’m distraught by the fact that I’ve yet to find a scientist, physicist, medium, physician or astute philosopher that will acknowledge that there is a battle between good and evil. I’m not religious per se; yet this phenomenon has played itself out over and over again in my lifetime. It must be real in the physical realm, the spiritual realm or at least in my neighborhood. I’m hoping someone can throw me a bone or at least help me understand. Am I doing wrong by fighting what most humans deem to be immoral? I cannot be polite about it. It’s an all-out war. I’m hoping that I’m ultimately being kind by scaring the living daylights out of people who want to do harm. Enlighten me.

  3. Ala

    Some qoutes are interesting.

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