February 10, 2015

Defining Terms.


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Dear Deepak
I am an Arabic Muslim man. I am not religious at all, yet am sure you know how strict and deep our religion is. Out of curiously I bought the 21 day meditation challenge (power of attraction). Surprisingly the outcome of these 21 days was life changing. I am calmer and much more relaxed. Yet I am struggling with some terms that you keep on repeating in almost all your interviews and meditations and I just can’t grasp them. 1st Conscious intelligence: What does that mean? And how one knows he has managed to get in contact with Conscious intelligence? 2nd Expanded awareness: 3rd Conscious intention 4th Level of your true self How can you define these terms in simple English and how can I know that I have reached an expanded awareness? Or the level of true self? Or that I have Conscious intention


I think the first term you meant was “cosmic intelligence” not “conscious intelligence.” Cosmic intelligence is the underlying intelligence that guides, organizes and governs the harmonious functioning of the entire universe. This cosmic intelligence exists within all creation, within every cell of our body and in every thought and emotion of our mind. We contact cosmic intelligence in meditation in the silence of our mind, the stillness of our Being.

Expanded awareness is the experience of the mind moving from the distinctness and specificity of a thought or sensation to a quieter, more abstract mode of awareness. This is often an experience in meditation when we forget the mantra and the mind drifts into a less defined, vaguer perceptual space. It is called expanded awareness, because it feels non-localized and freed from its previous boundaries. This expanded awareness is a truer sense of our self than our conditioned, history defined ego.

Conscious intention is simply holding a desire or intention with an easy self-awareness, and not based on an unconscious or desperate emotional need.

The true self is unbounded, timeless, silent and fully awake.



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  1. Tulin Beyduz

    Your words are lovely deepak . :)

  2. Manju Shukla

    Superb explanation. Simple too

  3. Matilde Martinez

    I am very happy. Was impossible to me find you.

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