August 10, 2022
Ask Deepak

Deep Fatigue.


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I recently started meditating, and have noticed many benefits including less anxiety and depression and an ability to make better choices. Through meditation and reading your book on addiction, I have decided to stop drinking alcohol. Now the one problem I seem to be having is fatigue. At first when I wake up in the morning I am aware that I’ve had a very deep sleep like I haven’t had in maybe forever. But I could sleep all day! I’m very excited about my new life and hope I don’t sleep most of it away. I’m wondering if it is just my body healing itself and that the fatigue will soon go away.


Yes, it is a temporary phenomenon that will resolve itself in time once the underlying issue is healed. You are shifting out of old addictive patterns and the energies those habits disguised. So there is a backlog of tiredness the body has accumulated that now requires extra sleep and meditation to release as you return to health and wholeness.



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