July 6, 2016

Daily Routine.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am wondering how to begin a daily routine.  I want to incorporate
meditation, self massage, tea time……but then when I think of how to
also schedule my other commitments for myself and my family, I feel
overwhelmed.  Especially with things like when to shop for food,
prepare meals, exercise.  I just can’t seem to put things together so I
don’t feel rushed.

Also, I worry about finding a place that is balanced, a rhythm without
rigidity and spontaneity/flexibility without slipping into running
through life with no consistency.

As I write this, I can feel the answer to listen to my heart and the
path will become clearer.  It feels right now like my heart is saying
to begin with what feels comfortable and don’t worry about organizing
everything at once.  Perhaps even just beginning my day in a
conscious way, mediation, self massage, tea will help me more calmly
and wisely plan the rest of my day.  I don’t have many models for this.

Any suggestions?  (By the way, I am signed up for primordial meditation
and seduction of spirit, with an individual consult.) Your daily word mean so much to me.  It feels like I have a community


I think your heart gave you perfect guidance on this. I liked everything that you mentioned, especially the part about starting your morning consciously and setting a relaxed tone for the whole day. Use your intention to set a comfortable schedule for yourself. It may help to use a daily planner to write in what you want and need to do. Make sure you schedule in fun time as well. You don’t need any special models for how to do it, just allow your inner guidance to speak to you. I realize that there is not much for me to comment upon here since you answered your own question, so I would just like to underscore how well you formulated your idea and then listened to what your heart said. You have perfectly illustrated how natural the process of accessing one’s inner wisdom occurs.



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