May 1, 2014

Cultivating a Peaceful Relationship.


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I have been divorced for 6 years and have two children (13, 10) with my ex-husband. I have been to your meditation retreats and read self helps books weekly. However, I still struggle with an unpeaceful relationship with my ex-husband. He is still a very angry and hostile person. How does one cultivate a peaceful relationship with someone who does not want the same and prefers hostility instead?
With Gratitude


Your emphasis needs to be on coming from a peaceful place when you interact with your ex-husband, not on any expectation or hope that his reaction will change. After all, you two have been divorced for 6 years, so the dynamics of the relationship are very different from a marriage where you two were living together.
His anger and hostility reflect the difficulties he is having in his life, and he will have to get through his issues when he is ready and able. You do not have much to do with when that will happen. What you do have control over is your own feelings.


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  1. eks

    You could perhaps invite him to attend some meditation programs together with you :-) No need to mention that this would help him: he may get defensive and say he`s fine and doesn`t need this mumbo-jumbo, etc. Just ask him if he would give you company as you don`t want to go alone, or that you may need him to explain some things to you, or something like that. Let him think he`s going there for your sake. He could end up get hooked, who knows.

  2. miki

    I take it to mean to disassociate from his anger. Let him be what he wants to be which apparently is angry, that is all you can do.

  3. Mom of two girls

    I having a kidney transplant in six weeks. What are some recommendations or ideas that you would give me in preparing for this surgery and recovery? Thanks you!!

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