October 30, 2017

Creating Religions.


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According to my understanding – Every action/thought and gesture of enlightened ones is the will of the universe and it is not skewed/affected by ego as it is not present.
Then why would the universe/enlightened ones like Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak and many more would form religions when it is known to create divisions in humanity.


These enlightened teachers provided a path of awakening to their followers, but they were not in the mainstream of power and didn’t establish formalized religions as such during their lifetimes.  Only when their teachings became institutionalized into beliefs and rituals did the spiritual traditions become  religions of belief. Even the purest of knowledge can be corrupted over time by those who have lost contact with the original spiritual experience of the teacher. So even the knowledge of an enlightened saint can devolve over time into something they are not responsible for.



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