August 9, 2012

Creating Our World Through Intention.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Dr. Deepak I believe that we can mold our world with our intentions, and our minimal actions have effects on the entire universe. But when a new reality depends on intention of two or more people, like a relationship or a social cause? Exists something like a balance or a sum of intentions? Is it possible that the reality (the universe) is forged in the result of the intentions of billions of individuals, or any individual have his self reality, his self universe?


Our intentions are the primary directives forming our personal reality, and our contributions toward the collective reality. The creation of a new collective reality depends on enough individuals creating a tipping point where that new reality takes hold. It can be far less than a simple majority if the next phase represents the natural next phase of evolutionary development in consciousness toward self-realization.


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  1. Vadim

    It seems pretty arrogant for a product of consciousness to assume it is the controller of consciousness.

  2. Vadim

    What is this "new reality" concept? Is there a new and an old reality? What you call reality is only a perception. Reality, at best, is the perceiving not the objects of perception. Confirmation bias and selective perception allow these kinds of ideas that "your" intention, as though there is a you that intends, has any significance at all. I dare say the folks that say they intend to be happy are `in tension` a lot when that is not the case and they find themselves fighting to retain that feeling, and then erase that memory to clearly say they are always in that happy place. Quit fighting with what is.

  3. YourSoul

    It is always intention that starts things moving. The moment one wakes up, opens ones eyes, is the best moment of the day to set a clear intention because at that moment ones mind is clear. Rest of the day is filled with winding and unwinding in all kinds of inner and outer experiences and those all depend on one`s own situation, environment etc. My experience: if am able to unwind my daily experiences before I go to sleep, and my last thought is peace, I wake up with that thought. And my actions will wind around that intention. So radiating this to the world, I receive it back. So sometimes only one person is needed to keep the practicing this simple meditation every day...

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