March 30, 2012

Crazy or Lazy.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Is it possible to be too content? I have very few things in this world and I don't make much money. I usually feel happy and content with what I have. I love my work and I enjoy a simple lifestyle. If I start to worry about money, I remember to be grateful for what I have and that god will provide. I always read spiritual books but I'm afraid I've become too spiritual. I need to have more money so I can retire but I am happy as I am so I never take action to increase my income. Outside sources (Like Suze Ormon 🙂 tell me I will be in big trouble someday, but I don't believe it. I believe by taking right action now, all will unfold as it should. Am I crazy or lazy? 


Different people have different ways of relating to financial planning, or career goals. One approach does not fit everyone’s temperament and style. If you are not the kind of person that functions well with locked in objectives and goals for 2 year, 5 year and 20 year plans, then trying to do that will only make less effective and miserable in the process. The same applies to asking a controlled, planner type personality to just hang loose and be grateful and let Nature organize for your needs. They would become anxious and indecisive because that is not their effective mode of achievement. So listen attentively to your inner guidance and take the natural course of action from there, whatever it is. For most of us it is a combination of prudent goal setting and openness to what Nature is offering at the moment.


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  1. TomBanks13

    You are supremely confident in your ability to get what you need. But think, if you can, about a time when you might not have the where-with-all you have now. And, in the future, owing to demographics, there will certainly be fewer safety nets than now exist. Saving a little nest egg is easy, especially if you are still young. A rainy day might come; having a fund for it, coupled with a deep satisfaction with what you have, will make it all easier. Isn`t easy what we are all looking for?

  2. John

    It is possible to be content for the wrong reason, but never can you be too content. One could be content cause they`re crazy or lazy, I think you are neither. I feel from what you have written you are a seeker, content in your subsistence, but searching for purpose, conserving your energies for spiritual life or awakening. You cannot be too spiritual, either. You can get caught up in reading too many spiritual books though. Like you, I believe God will provide, and all will unfold, like in nature, but not to ones worldly end, but to His end, to have you return to Him. The most striking thing I`ve noticed in nature is that everything grows and from growth ensues maturity, but in our lives it is a little different. Because we have power of choice, and although we grow in age and our bodies do mature, we can choose to grow or focus on something else, like something worldly, and not grow. Seek to grow, not just from reading but in all your life experiences, for what you read are only other peoples experiences, and your personal experiences are specific to your growth if you choose to accept them. I truely believe if you strive to grow you will mature in ways that will raise your conciousness to the plain of His Kingdom. Learn to accept absolutely everything, good or bad (and all other dualities); learn to forgive absolutely everyone ...; learn compassion and empathy for everyone; and above all learn to know your true self. Your heart beats thru Him, it`s like a spiritual GPS, follow your heart, and like the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea, all you need will present to you. Follow without fear and without judgement, but with all the elements of love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and awareness of truth. Gods speed, and I hope to meet you in His Kingdom or along the way.

  3. heartphone

    Everyone has his/her own unique experiences in life. Listen to your own feeling of gratitude inside and let that guide you. No-one can predict a thing for you. I live a simple life too with an attitude of gratitude and an inner certainty that no one can ever take away from me...

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