March 29, 2013

Cooperation or Competition.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What should we choose cooperation or competition? e.g. I have to reach a goal. I can reach it by working hard and competing with others. But all of a sudden someone from that very field in which my goal lies came into my life and offered his help. If I accept his help it’s not that I have reached my goal. It would prove out to be only one step in that direction. Should I accept help and feel like it’s a cosmic plan or should I argue and say that I will reach there with my own strength.


It sounds as if someone who can help you is offering support, but you are suspicious that it will compromise your individual effort. I don’t understand why you feel it is essential to believe that you accomplished your goal all on your own. No one ever accomplishes anything worthwhile by themselves. We all rely on others for various kinds of support that ultimately contribute to the final goal. I think you should be grateful for the help and see if there is any way you can also help others at the same time.


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  1. lolcit

    dear deepak,"no one ever accolmplishes anything worthwhile by themselves"?find it hard to agree as although it would seem the correspondent is in ego driven competition(im empathising there as its my achilles heel too)i find the highlighted quote dismissive of personal efforts.if those efforts contribute to a greater understanding personally and collectively then i consider that worthwhile.and who and what prescribes worth?i offer this reflection with the utmost respect for your prolific and insightful output.

  2. Jakub

    I can relate to this situation as I have a call to action in my life. I am responsible for my studies because I choose to study, and that is because I heard that it would be great from others, so I do it for the reason that it will make others happy. It is my responsibility to handle the schedule and attendance of my classes, as well as the projects. At this moment I was dealing with a group project that is a final for graduation. I had been randomly selected to be in a group of foriegners from Africa. If it was my choice to select the group than I would go to selected persons that have had already some experience with the project, but in this case I got persons that are easily lost in everything about the project. For example, up unitl now I have been reading on the topic, presenting the topic, and analyzing it with outside persons for help, but no one from the group has given any effort to write but instead complain. What I am saying here is that because these persons do not want to see it is their responsibility to work on it knowing that it will all come together as a whole because everyone is helping each other. Lets say in cosmic ways the result will be complete. All I want to share here is that I know that we all help each other in life even when it seems that no one is supporting us and we are all alone. The truth is that you aren`t doing anything alone even if it feels like it in the moment. The cosmic energy will find you a way. But first its your responsibility to start and keep things in foucs. Thanks, Jakub

  3. Linda Conner Smith

    Nobody learns everything on their own.

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