December 27, 2011

Connecting to Soul.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

When I'm meditating, am I connecting to my soul or to my spirit? In other words, am I connecting to the drop of the ocean that I am, or to the ocean itself?


It all comes to the same thing. When we meditate, our awareness becomes quieter and quieter until there is no thought, just pure awareness by itself. This is the ground state of your Being, this is your core state of existence. This core existence is the same existence that underlies all creation. At that level of reality, you are beyond space and dimension, you are omnipresent or nonlocal. So the drop of water is co-existent with the ocean. 


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  1. heartphone

    well, perhaps you have the ability to put your thoughts in poetry. Just a simple rhyme, me do this all the time, it doesn`t cost me a dime :) And so I became, a walking rhyme, my soul laughing at me, delighted with the poetry!

  2. gardenia2114

    How do I transcend my thoughts during meditation. I am able to meditate on a mantra or an affirmation and fo above sense perception but not my thought. please teach me to

  3. heartphone

    You can always try Nicole. Perhaps step by step concentrating on the simple things you do during the day (getting dressed, eating, doing the dishes, going for an errand, counting the steps you take when you take a walk, etc. etc.). This already is very difficult and needs practicing. It made me become more and more aware how beauty can be found in the most simple things we usually take for granted. Meditating to me means, step by step creating alertness in everything you do, until it becomes a natural part of you. But this is only my vision, developed by practicing yoga for many years. It is also possible to make a study on the Internet of what meditation really is :)

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