April 13, 2020
Ask Deepak

Confusing Event.


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Hi Deepak,

Life has always had meaning for me. In some way shape or form and even more especially for me since I had what’s termed a ‘spiritual awakening’ some years ago. I’ve always been able to connect the dots, to the find the rhythm of things. Even the most dark and messed up places of my life, I’ve eventually been able to find the core essence and life lesson underlying different situations. So what happens when we’re suddenly given a situation that seems to make no sense at all?

For instance, if someone comes into our life and turns it upside down, quite rapidly and then leaves. Leaving a huge road block and more questions than answers, what could life possibly be trying to teach us in a situation like this? I feel massively out of my depth due to a recent situation involving me and an ex girlfriend. It was such a powerful experience, yet brief, then ended. I can’t possibly work out what life is trying to tell me, I’m very much left in a state of confusion.

Thank you for reading this and all the best!


You haven’t provided much information on what the powerful situation was with your ex-girlfriend or why it was so confusing. But given your explanation earlier that you have generally been able to find purpose and meaning in your life events, it could be that this recent experience has come along to disrupt your comfortable storyline of finding the “lesson”  or “message” in the flow of life.  Sometimes we can slip into the habit of running a line of commentary on our experience as if is was captions scrolling under a running movie. This intellectual understanding can sometimes  become a layer between your present awareness and your experience. Your interpreting mind can get in the way of living life in the present moment without expectations or storylines. Perhaps your soul orchestrated this confusing and disruptive event to show you that you don’t need to look for meaning. When you live in the present, the true meaning and purpose is contained in the awareness of the experience itself.



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