August 28, 2020
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Hi Deepak, First of all I would like to thank you for putting words to the practice of living truth, I find great comfort and inspiration in reading your books and am motivated to look beyond my limits and find my witnesser within. I am 17 years old and have recently begun treading this spiritual path. Thus far I feel like I have made a lot of mistakes and haven’t lived a life of complete honesty. I used to lie to my parents a lot to get what I wanted. I see now how selfish I have been, and as a result have told my parents the truth.

But since my confession, they have been very upset with me. My father doesn’t speak to me and my mother and grandmother keep reminding me that I have sinned and have ruined their reputation. I am very happy with my decision to tell them the truth but I have difficulty with my feelings of guilt. I feel like I have wronged them and myself. I recently started meditating and find that on the level of stillness I feel no guilt, but once I have lost that stillness I find myself feeling extremely hurt, guilty and lonely.

What can I do to alleviate these feelings?


I don’t know what you lied to your parents about, but having confessed to your family  in the spirit of being more honest, it seems excessively harsh for them to shun you. Give it time and ask what you can do to make things better. Teenagers have been manipulating the truth with their elders for thousands of years, this is not that big of a deal. No family reputations have been irrevocably lost on your account, so don’t buy into that guilt trip. You have done the right thing by coming clean with your family, and they will come around eventually. In the meantime, keep meditating and the hurt and guilt will soon dissipate.



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