December 7, 2011

Completion of Spiritual Evolution.


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 If we are complete at the beginning and will be complete after our transition then what is the purpose of this spiritual evolution? Why perfection (source energy) seek such experience? I think that spiritual "evolution" is more of a spiritual "expansion". What is your take on that please?


The ancient wisdom traditions would say that spirit is complete at the beginning, at the end, and also at every point in between. Evolution is really just a way to understand degrees of self-awareness of that perfection. The purpose of spiritual evolution is to reveal that infinite intelligence, bliss and truth latent in existence to be fully cognizant of itself through our awareness.

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  1. Mark

    The term `evolution` is doesn`t really capture the process of human spiritual growth sufficiently. Our growth can better be understood in metaphoric terms like the Lotus flower, or the sun`s emanating rays, or the gravity of thoughts. Look at the natural world to better understand what growth is all about. Then it becomes clear why Moses said "Man in God`s image." Peace.

  2. 7neena7

    We are incomplete, evolving. Being is forever revealing itself to itself.

  3. D J Wray

    I should have added that the term "spiritual evolution" is more appropriate than "spiritual expansion" because evolution has a definite direction towards a "goal" of awareness, meaning, truth etc and each spiritual event is an incremental step in that direction. In Darwinian evolution the goal is adaptation to the environment. Spiritual evolution and Darwinian evolution could both be described as goal-seeking processes. Changes build on earlier changes in order to reach the goal. So I see direction as being the key difference between evolution and expansion/accumulation. Fortunately there are different paths and we consciously experience the changes along the way. Best wishes, D J Wray

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