April 5, 2020
Ask Deepak

Coming off Medication.


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I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for 20 years, and have found medication that works very well to keep me grounded, yet able to pursue spirituality.  I am generally happy with my life as it is.  When I see homeopathic doctors, they always mention getting off my medication, and it feels that there is an urgency or certainty to their opinion.  Is there a benefit to seeking the path on which to reduce my medication now that I feel stabilized?  Is there a way to do this sensibly?


Ideal healing for a mental problem such as bipolar disorder would be to correct the underlying imbalance in the mind and body and so eventually eliminate the need for drugs. Given that your situation is stabilized and you are fairly happy, looking for a way to gradually wean yourself off the medication would seem like the natural next step. Now that you have established some balance, you want to see how much of that job your body can take over by itself now.

I would say it is urgent that you get off right away. You should talk to your prescribing doctor and let her know what your thoughts are and ask for her guidance to see if it is time to ease you off gradually.



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