July 15, 2012

Combining Spiritual Practices.


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Greetings, I was listening to "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" – great! My question is, I have been meditating almost two years with Sahaj Samadhi and have my mantra. I would like to combine this practice with instructions from the book. How could I do that? Also, how I can know whether my meditation works? I appreciate any answer. 


It’s never a good idea to mix two spiritual practices together, because there is the risk that you will make one or both of them ineffective. If you want to do more than one spiritual practice, then it is important to keep the integrity of each of them intact and do them in succession – one after the other. The best way to tell if your meditation is working is whether it is having a positive effect on other aspects of your life: your physical health, your mind and your relationships.


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  1. religions are people

    study all religions=world peace

  2. Angilala

    This is interesting because I typically follow a Native American spiritual path, however have been very drawn to your teachings and meditations Deepak. While I never mix them together, I can see the correlations between them and often times find myself finding a lot in common. For the past year, I havent been a very good student ( at least as far as putting action and/or energy into any particular path) and have found myself moody and not happy or doing as well as I have when I am really involved spiritually. Since these two paths are very different, do you think there is any reason why I am so fully drawn to both?

  3. Ricardo Bonifaz

    Interesante reflexión .

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