June 26, 2017

Closing the Gaps between Science and Spirituality.


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Hi Deepak, You’ve spoken many times about science leading the way in cracking the gates of spirituality in the future, and through my years of experiences in self-inquiry, it’s becoming more evident every day to me that there isn’t that big of a division between science and spirituality at all. Prior to my spiritual awakening my mind was not logic-oriented and I had no scientific background, but for me to persevere through my training of self-inquiry I was required on my part to constantly question, observe and experiment with every bit of insight and discovery I make along the way. It amuses me that I had to become a scientist in order to decode the mystical nature of existence, and it all began with mastering the mind. So my question to you is, what are the possible ways do you envision that we could carry on this task of ‘closing the gaps’? I’m in my 20s and from my observation, it’s becoming evident that my generation are more aware and independent-minded – accessing spiritual truths through religion, gurus, healers, self-help books is no longer appealing. I definitely think that we need a more practical, scientific and down-to-earth method of delivering the wisdom to self-mastery to the general public without relying on esoterica and New Age terminologies, this is all due to the results of my own experiences and discoveries that I feel a strong inclination to contribute in realizing in the future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best regards,


I agree with you that the knowledge bridge between science and spirituality needs to be practical and intelligible, and not esoteric or packaged in the language of dogmatic cultural traditions. I believe the way forward is to give people a direct experience of their unlimited self, and to systematically show how reality is based on and constructed from that experiencing self. This gives rise to a more inclusive and expanded vision of science and spirituality.



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