November 29, 2021
Ask Deepak

Christianity and Eastern Spirituality.


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Hi Deepak, I’ve recently begun reading your and other “consciousness guide’s” books on spirituality and human existence, and I’m really interested in Eastern spirituality. While I do find that many Eastern spirituality tenets are extremely beneficial to our humanly existence and higher form, I find that the Fundamentalist ” you can’t have Jesus and Buddha ” teaching greatly divides my views on spirituality. Basically, I’m an “open-minded,” liberal Christian, and do find myself devoted and connected to Christian tenets, yet I want to incorporate traditional Eastern spirituality into my own. The problem is: the New Age movement is condemned by most Christian faiths, and is way too open-minded to fit what I’m feeling. How can I still be a Christian, yet “lawfully” incorporate Eastern practices and tenets into my beliefs? Thank you so much.


In my book The Third Jesus I explain how the spiritual practice of experiencing one’s core consciousness through meditation brings you to the essence of Christ’s teachings. That, I believe, is the key to integrating Eastern spirituality with Christianity, while still remaining a Christian. You may also find the Gnostic teachings in early Christianity illuminating in how closely its wisdom matches Eastern thought.



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