March 31, 2021
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Christ Consciousness.


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Question: Hi Deepak, I achieved Christ consciousness without any knowledge of what it was or what I was experiencing. I was meditating simply for relaxation and met a native Indian guide of mine, then he explained he couldn’t take me where I needed to go and I felt I was drifting up high where I was met by what I call a light being who offered me a chair and essentially showed me and explained to me how we are all connected, plants, animals, humans, the earth, spirits, angels, and yes he even said aliens!! showed me how one small reaction sets off a chain of events either positive or negative throughout the universe, how we all communicate with vibrational energy, chemicals, a vast network of connections. amazing!! beautiful!! He also explained there is no time or space. After this I was truly shaken. Then a few days later I kept seeing this vision of a star out of the corner of my eye, it was white and looked like what I would describe as a ghost but in the shape of a five-pointed star. A voice in my head explained that the five points of the star are the 5 senses interconnected, a circle around it represents the spirit or sixth sense, and the star had a tail on it which I was told leads to the 7th sense, I was told this is where I am, in the 7th sense. I then had a dream and kept being told repeatedly that I am like Christ now, which I thought was blasphemy and kept telling them not to say that, but they kept repeating it and said that I need to believe it. Many more experiences after this have occurred. I was/am in awe! I took to the internet and the library to begin trying to understand what I had been told, what the symbol means, I have pieced it together slowly over the last couple of months. I wonder if you can tell me the meaning of the 5 senses and if you think it has any relation to Synesthesia which I have always had (colour grapheme, colour personalities, as well as spatial sequential synesthesia) I have been tested for it and found that I am a synesthete. I am very interested to understand and to possibly let other synesthetes know if this condition is some how a link to Cosmic Consciousness as it was shown to me in my vision. I have not been able to find any information on this link between Synesthesia and Consciousness. Many thanks for your consideration.


It certainly sounds like a wonderful awakening experience for you. I really can’t confirm that the neurological condition of synesthesia (where the activation of one sense automatically stimulates a secondary sense) offers any advantages in establishing Cosmic Consciousness. The hallmark of Cosmic Consciousness is the permanence of the experience of one’s core self, pure awareness beyond any changing state of consciousness such as waking, dreaming or sleeping. This would obviously include any experience of the senses.

In your spiritual experience I like the affirmation that your inner self and intentions are connected to all of Nature. It is that divine essence that is one with Christ Consciousness, the same essence that we all share, so you don’t need to feel blasphemous.



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