August 9, 2021
Ask Deepak

Checking Time During Meditation.


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Deepak, I love your guided meditations where say you will “mind the time.”But what is the best way for me to mind my time when I am meditating on my own……? Thought about an egg timer :). Thank you for all you do! Namaste


When you need to monitor your meditation time, the best way is to peek at your watch or at an easy to read clock. Remember, when your time is complete, you still need to give yourself a few minutes to gradually come out of meditation so the contrast won’t be so jarring on your body. If you jump up out of meditation or get up too quickly, it may give you a headache or make you feel a bit irritable during the day. Once you have completed your meditation, come out slowly, stretching and opening the eyes downcast so the adjustment back into activity is gentle.



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