February 28, 2012

Changing Your Karma.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

To change your karma, replace automatic reflexive behavior with conscious choices.

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  1. Aliciam

    Why on earth would you allow someone to treat you like that? Noone is ever worth that. I guess you need to realize if you leave him you will be alot less alone....

  2. richie

    my partner has been a womanizer since our commitment, he has been keeping affairs from me, and i have actually informed him about my knowing about those relationships- with younger women, married, interested womem etc. for more than 10 years, i kept on deluding myself that, there will come a time that he will change and grow emotionally mature. he was in several positions of political power, but right now working under a representative of legislative branch of tghe government. about 2 years ago, to try to capture his attention, i invented a story about being attracted to someone, and has been courted by single man which i had declined. He has a current relationship with a married woman then, who is very talented and manipulative. She was able to convince my partner that, i had betrayed him and been unfaithful, which in reality is never true. but i realize, he was making all these excuses, blaming me , without looking at all his unfaithfulness. he is entirely wrong about me. how can i convince him that he`s being unfair , while continuing on his adulterous relationship ? at the same time he is already creating lies about me to his friends and family, and is , i believe insecure about my succesful career.

  3. Poonam Dronamraju

    It seems like Gary Zukav and you are in sync, he talks about living in the present moment and you talk about making conscious choices. There must be some "present awareness" going on in the collective consciousness.

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