August 10, 2013

Changes in Life Purpose.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Does one's purpose in life change as they transcend levels of consciousness? I appreciate you and taking the time to respond 🙂


As we grow in consciousness, our role in the world may change or not. How Nature uses our consciousness depends on what abilities we have to offer Nature and what the need of the time requires.


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  1. A Place Called Peace

    In my humble opinion our purpose is similar, to be here completely without distractions, the journey is learning how to mitigate distraction, so you can actually still yourself enough to be here and present for even a moment. This is why meditation is so important, it is more additional moments you have spent simply and only being here. Not needing nor demanding, not in conversation nor in movement, simply being with nothingness in mind which is again imho, what our purpose is. Everything else is distraction, an illusion. The blocks we incorporate, for better or worse, stand between us and taking in the fullness of this spectacular place that we are only allowed to visit, but once in this body, for only maybe around 100 years of physical time. This is also why primitive life, or a more primitive lifestyle makes it easier to stay in touch with your center. Primitive lifestyle in this day and age can be down right luxurious compared to what it was in the 1800s, but it also leads to a more peaceful unified existence. Simplify, less clutter, less distraction, more attention to the purpose.

  2. A Place Called Peace

    Not if ones purpose is to transcend levels of consciousness...:-)

  3. Shannon O'Neill

    I do not believe so. I believe only our understanding of our purpose may change. I believe our purpose was thought, developed, birthed long before our physical body.

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