January 10, 2017



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I wanted to get your opinion on celibacy. Do you have information on this topic? Do you have suggestions in how to maintain a relationship that was sexual but is leading to a celibate one now ? We have been doing alot of reading in the hope of reaching a higher spiritual attainment. Do you think you can be in love and be in a celibate relationship? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, it certainly is possible to be in love and be in a celibate relationship if that is the natural expression of your love together. I would only encourage you both to approach your relationship in terms of what is the spontaneous outgrowth of your love together. Conversely, if you try to make your relationship fit a spiritual ideal you have decided is best for you and then try to fit your feelings and drives into those ideals, then you will likely feel frustrated and imbalanced pretty soon. Because these intellectual ideal come from the ego, not your true self.

If the relationship is naturally moving toward celibacy and you are both content with that, then you don’t need any specific guidance. Just continue to find ways to deepen and share your love that satisfies and enriches your life together.



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