May 27, 2021
Ask Deepak

Catholic Parents.


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My parents are traditional Catholics. I am a recent university graduate. Any choice I make whether it be considering to move out of the home I share with them (possibly with a significant other), go out with friends or even simply buy my own groceries is offensive to them. They always make it a point to remind me that I am wrong and sinful for displeasing them and accuse me of choosing my happiness above theirs. As a result I am frozen and guilt ridden. I love them, respect them and am sincerely grateful for the home they have provided me. However, I am afraid that this situation is causing me to resent them. Any thoughts on how to deal with this situation? Thanks!


This is difficulty is ultimately about you, not your parents. They are who they are, and at this point in their life, they are not likely to change their behavior or attitudes about life or toward you. You are an educated adult now, a college graduate with a significant other in your life. You shouldn’t be looking for their approval to move out of the house or to be with someone you love. Being an adult means you learn to make your own decisions and you learn to make your own way in life. Your paralysis and guilt are ultimately not your parents’ responsibility even if that has been the pervasive atmosphere in the house as you grew up. I think you will find that as you start to take action, even though you might feel some trepidation, you will also experience a great feeling of liberation. That is your next step.



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