September 2, 2016

Career Moves.


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Thank you for answering my questions in the best possible way you can. I have been having a brief lull in my career, and in most other activities. Essentially, I moved from LA to the east coast in search of that elusive peace that I immaturely blamed its absence on the place I live and that did not work well. I am being paid but haven’t worked for the past 4 months and an opportunity that was promised to my wife (and colleague) did not come through as well. Now that I have my employer has found an opportunity elsewhere in the same coast, my wife hasn’t found one. Amidst all this chaos, I admit I cannot relate to them. I feel strangely peaceful inside, and kind of know that everything will be alright. I am doing the best I can in terms of intending and getting my wife to apply for different positions in the place I am moving to. Do you think, this is a sign of evolution? I feel peaceful and am ready to face any situation, with the trust that everything will be alright. Please advise.


I assume your question is whether this inner peacefulness is a good thing even though you no longer relate to your wife and colleague.  If they have both left jobs they liked on the west coast to be with you I your quest for peace, and they have not yet found employment, then it is understandable that they could feel some concern until they line something up as you have. It’s fine that you are not caught up in their anxiety, but your inner tranquility should not be at the expense of being insensitive or unsympathetic to their concerns. It’s good that you are helping your wife get her resume out and supporting her goals as much as you can. You’re right that everything will eventually work out, but when loved ones are anxious, the best way to convey that reassurance to them is with calm, compassionate action, not indifferent optimism.



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