April 26, 2014

Business Partnership.


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I read in one of your responses that “impulse of individual desire can only be supported by the universe if we let go of our attachment and ego control and allow Nature to come in and fulfill the desire” and thus my questions. My partner in business wants to be the face of the company, attending meetings and meeting people, while expecting me to do all the background work. He wants to be recognized by all and cannot tolerate anyone noticing me. He is in-charge of the marketing side (assigned to him when we started out), but wants to be the face even in delivery of service, initially assigned to me. He boasts of doing all the work and being everywhere, while in effect all work is done by me. Even the work he does is not up to the mark, but he has the gift of gab and most of the time covers up his lapses, but I wonder for how long. I, on the other hand, am straight forward and according to others, efficient to the extent of near-perfection. People generally approach him for anything, rather than me, even though I have a better understanding of the business and he also later asks me to work on the problem. I have never refrained from giving the correct solution to him, although I know he will get all the credit. This is leading to feelings of jealousy and low self-esteem in me. I can feel anger building in me and I know this is not good for the business or myself in the long run. No amount of discussion or even argument has helped solve the issue. I have the desire to make the business (which was my baby) grow. I do recognize that my partner works out his immaturity, frustration or even weakness and I do not want to feed my ego, but do want some credit when it is due to me. How do I let go of the attachment to my business or do I understand the word ‘attachment’ wrong? How would you explain my own lack of confidence when I know that I am the brain behind all this? How does one handle jealousy? Am I letting my ego color my professional world?


Manifesting one’s desires through intention and letting go into your silent self, is a mental practice done after meditation. It is not a formula for interacting with your business partner.
Your letter suggests that the original agreement you two had on dividing marketing and service tasks between you needs to be discussed again. Also you need to make clear that it is important to you that you receive recognition for your work and contributions. It is your responsibility to communicate your needs and expectations. Given that your partner has already pushed ahead, you can’t be quiet and passive and expect him to know your mind. Explain to him that his actions are not what you had each agreed to in the partnership and that you need to clarify and come to a mutually acceptable agreement and stick with it.


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