August 4, 2022
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Business Partner.


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Dear Deepak, my business partner first suffered from a long influenza (1 month) and then had severe heart and circulation problems after his girlfriend separated from him (another month). He seems to be very depressed and avoids contact to me. I can understand that and I have very much compassion for him. On the other hand, our common business (a startup) is definitely in danger, because I cannot do all the work. How can I help him best? My personal insight is that no one besides me is responsible for my luck. But I won’t impose that insight upon him, he won’t listen to me.


Being a business partner in a small startup requires close cooperation and communication. Sit down with him and have a frank conversation about your concerns. Explain what business needs you feel are being unmet and also what your limitations are. Ask him to assess his ability to contribute to the business right now and how he sees that improving in the weeks ahead. Inquire if he is getting any help or support presently and if not, whether he has any plans for getting help. Let him know you feel compassion for the difficulties he has been going through and if you feel so inclined, ask if there is anything you can do to help. 

Hopefully, he indicates that he is aware of how his personal difficulties are impacting the business and that he is taking steps to address that. If that is the case, then work with him as a partner through this stretch until he is back to his full strength and capacity.



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