March 6, 2015

Bullying At Work.


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Hi  Deepak, Should people who were bullied at work forget it, or try to make them  understand the other people to get balance? Or should they try to find another job, hobbies or doing yoga? People would understand when they change attitude.


There is a wide range of what constitutes bullying, and so without knowing the particulars of your situation, any answer to you has to be general. But on your basic question of whether to ignore it or do something—you should not ignore persist bullying. You might never be able to make a bully understand why their behavior is unacceptable, but for your own wellbeing, you should never interpret their actions as something that is  okay, or that you deserve it, or attracted it somehow. Speak to human resources where you work and explain the situation and how long it has been going on. The company will have some policies in place on how you should proceed from there. Good luck.



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  1. Shirley

    I was a victim of bullying and I kept reminding myself that it had nothing to do with me. I didn't take responsibility for that really bad behaviour. Although I sometimes was not sure what the outcome would be cause I was working under constant threats. I prayed, blessed my boss and did quite a bit of spiritual work and I grew through it.

  2. Bulliedbymyboss

    Thank you for your responses!!

  3. heartphone

    @bulliedbymyboss: I once had a boss who tried to do the same. I just ignored him and went on with my job. I liked my job and just focussed on that. If he had comments I just smiled and that made him even more agressive but he soon found out he could not get me where he wanted me and became more and more polite and from a distance. Others did not understand how I did it but I did. I don't know what it is but I have something inside that is unhurtable. It is my inner conviction that everything I do is good. By not showing any reaction at all my boss did not have one leg, let alone two legs to stand on lol :) Those who are not that strong with their mouth should become very smart by saying nothing! It becomes something else when a man cannot take his hands off you and starts beating you. I haven't experienced my life so would not have a solution for it.

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