February 13, 2023
Ask Deepak

Breathing Meditation.


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Hi Deepak, I have been meditating (breathing meditation) for 6 months. At the beginning I did 20 minutes each day. Recently I increased it to 30 minutes and at night I started listening to your healing CD meditation. During meditation my body would vibrates and I could feel the energy running through my body. One night I woke up with intense presume in my head and nose. Since then I have become very anxious and get panic attacks. I have stopped meditation, it has been a week. I still feel some pressure on my nose. Please help???


It sounds like your meditation has brought forth some deep-seated anxiety to be cleared. It is important to get a lot of physical exercise right now. Easing off your meditation for a little while is fine. Now that it has been a week, try easing back into breathing meditation by starting with 5 minutes a day. If meditation is easy, then continue again with 5 minutes the next day. If not, then wait a day and try again. If it’s still all right, then increase it to 10 minutes the next day. If 10 minutes of meditation a day continues to be smooth, stay with that for a week, otherwise, go back to 5 minutes a day again. Once you have done two weeks at 10 minutes a day, and you feel ready, you can move up to 20 minutes a day. Stay at 20 minutes for a year before you increase it beyond that.




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