December 8, 2020
Ask Deepak

Breathing Meditation.


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After attending a program on Meditation and Yoga, I realized the immense power of the both and have started doing them. My problem is when I sit in silence for meditation and observe my breathing with awareness, my breathing becomes abnormal. It is as if my respiratory system feels some kind of pressure when I am observing the breath go in and out. Soon enough I have to take long breathes and the whole process gets disrupted. I have tried a lot, but it just doesn’t seem to work. So what should I do to improve this situation? And are there any other alternative methods to this type of meditation? Kindly help me through this problem.


Your breath doesn’t have to become quiet and shallow for the meditation to be effective. Trust that whatever the breath is doing, whether you are taking long deep breaths or shallow ones, it is exactly what your body needs at that time to normalize and remove the old conditioning that is ready to be released. Remember your job is just to observe the breath, not control, manipulate, or judge it. Let the meditation do what it needs to do without any expectation on your part.



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