June 22, 2022
Ask Deepak

Breaking with Family.


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 Hello Deepak, My question is family related. You see I grew up Middle Eastern with many cultural traditions associated with family. I was raised that family, even extended family, is something you do not break from. However, there are members of my family who have caused a great deal of grief, and turmoil in my life. Such issues as mental and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, manipulation, lying, and stealing, and many more. I am now 23 years old and realize I deserve better than continuing to allow myself to be a victim. However, breaking free is much harder than I expected. How can I go about this and what, if any, advice do you have for my situation?


Rather than encouraging you to make a huge emotional and mental effort to break away from your family, it will be smoother and less confrontational if the positive direction of your life purpose naturally takes you in a different direction and you simply outgrow the negative influence of the family. This way you don’t have to renounce your family and cause a lot of hurt feelings. If you discover your life path and live it on your terms, you will no longer be dependent and defined by your family. You become big enough and strong enough in yourself to accept the aspects of the family you love, and are able to ignore the aspects you don’t love.



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