April 18, 2018

Breaking the cycle of emotional violence.


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I had a family member who was and is emotionally violent towards me

I find it very difficult when things get very heated to NOT be emotionally violent in return.

What is the best way to break this emotional violence cycle?

I am a parent, now. I have worked very diligently in breaking the cycle.

I have never been emotionally violent towards my child. However, I just got off the phone with a customer service representative who I was, possibly, a little emotionally violent (oops!!).

Working at being harmonious, universally.


It sounds like you are doing fairly well in stepping away from the emotional trauma of your past and not perpetuating the cycle.  Stay aware of those things that trigger your old reactions, and over time the cycle will be fade away and the cycle will be broken.  Having your awareness reside in your silent witness retrains your consciousness to respond to each situation freely, not based on your old conditioning. It takes time and patience, but eventually you will find yourself responding to situations that in the past would have brought out an emotionally violent response, but now no longer elicit that reaction.



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