April 6, 2020
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Breaking Free of Family.


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I live in an English speaking country and I have read a response you had about interracial marriages however it was in response to someone who was already married and I am wondering in my situation, I am open to marrying any race/religion so long as the person has the qualities I believe will suit me and I who I feel is right for me and who I have chosen but how would I go about from breaking my parents wish? In another response you told a 27-year-old that it was okay for them to leave an abusive father even if it meant leaving the mother as it wasn’t her job to protect the mother and that she was old enough to leave and live her life. Is that the same for someone of an Indian background? 


To be clear, I’m not encouraging interracial marriages for their own sake. If one’s heart leads you  to such a partnership, and your love is strong enough, then God bless you. But you are not even in a relationship and you are thinking about how to break the disappointing news to your parents.  You say you want someone that suits you and is right for you. Is there some reason you have decided that such a match requires someone of a different race than yours? Working out  the differences between two people in the course of a marriage is challenging enough even with similar cultural and racial backgrounds, why add to that challenge if you don’t need to?

Regarding the 27-year-old with the abusive father – I think you may have misunderstood my point. I encouraged her to leave because she wasn’t able to help or protect her mother.  She was postponing her own life to remain in a hopeless situation at home.  And yes, this advice applies to Indians and non-Indians alike. Just because someone comes from a society with a strong family traditions and expectations doesn’t mean they should accommodate abusive behavior more than someone from a less traditional family.



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