May 26, 2017

Bliss and Biology.


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I am very curious to know how the reality of bliss is explained or understood in terms of biology.  Within our current framework of
understanding, lower levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are associated with depressive states while elevated levels of these chemicals bring with them a more joyful experience.  For me the experience of bliss is very unique, so totally different from any experience or emotion I’ve ever had-which leaves me wondering what the physical mechanism for this state could be (if there is one at all).  Or is the experience truly transcendental, so that If you were to study the brain chemistry of someone who was immersed in bliss consciousness nothing would appear out of the ordinary on the physical/objective plane, even though the subjective reality that the person lives in is so exceedingly out of the ordinary?  


I don’t believe interior experience ultimately be explained physiologically or reduced to chemicals. One can list neurotransmitters, hormones and biochemicals that accompany the experience, but that only provides the rough physical substratum of the experience, not the experience itself. I often use the analogy of the body and brain acting as a receiver of the non-local experience of consciousness, just as a radio is a physical receiver of radio waves all around us. You can analyze the specifications of the radio, its composition, circuitry, frequency ranges, etc.… but transistors can never explain the experience of Mozart’s music heard through the speakers.



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